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    Youth leaders, innovators, change makers, positively disruptive working to SHAPE Panjim.

    As part of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is a network of city-based Hubs developed and led by young leaders.
    The mission of the Global Shapers is to build a global community of the most outstanding youth committed to improving the state of the world. With its motto: Shape Your Future – integrating the personal, the community and the global dimension -- the Global Shapers Community enables youth to be a voice for the future in local, regional and global thought processes and a catalyst of entrepreneurship in the global public interest.
    The Global Shapers Panjim Hub aims to empower youth by providing leadership and opportunities for representation through:
    1. Community initiatives that highlight and address local and international societal needs.
    2. Policy and research initiatives to promote the views of a “Shaper Generation” to influence local and international discourse and decision making.
  • Projects

    Our solutions to various social issues.


    Our cities are fast growing as more and more people migrate from villages, towns and other cities to be a part of the economic metamorphosis that every city undergoes. This puts immense pressure on its resources with new development replete with new housing needs, public infrastructure, basic services, the works! And development of cities has always been at the cost of its fragile ecosystem and its complex mechanisms. From a pristine green to a bleak grey. Even in medium sized cities, lush greens are eventually massacred for wider roads, flyovers and there seems to be a complete lack of consideration and understanding that trees are important, can survive and must be integrated in the new infrastructure plan. A policy needs to be outlined and notified where trees of the city need to be first documented, their role recognised and understood and efforts made to conserve and protect them. Trees are one of Panjim’s greatest assets and it is one of the few cities in the world that has a mangrove forest! The objective of initiating a tree policy for the city is to provide a comprehensive framework and possible ideas by which the City Corporation along with other government departments can first recognize its natural assets, the vital role they play and benefits thereof and endeavour to protect, nurture and care for its trees along avenues, hill slopes, parks, gardens, beach and mangroves. This model policy can then be adopted by other cities in India and also prove an impetus for the country to adopt one, a climate security that ensures climate resilience to its cities by conserving and regenerating its natural infrastructure - TREES.


    One of the biggest problems that our cities face today is that of water pollution of which the largest contributor is sewage that finds its way from homes into waterways. Sewage originates from the English word sewer derived from seaward as early sewers in London were open ditches that emptied into the Thames and eventually conveyed down to sea. While animals as a species defecate in the open and use urine to mark territory, monkeys evolved to simply drop down their poop without the necessity, like later humans, as babies to either use diapers or be potty trained. And like all things in nature, particularly waste from fruits consumed and animal waste, all was efficiently biodegraded and became food for new life. So while early humans simply covered their waste with soil or dug a pit, it was only later as seen in the early civilizations of the Indus Valley, Minoan and the Roman empire that better standards of sanitation prevailed. Primarily disposed by water carriage systems, waste water was routed into large drains to the nearby river or adjoining sea following the tenet Solution to pollution is dilution! Since the 1880’s septic tanks and soak pits were devised but these have now been found to pollute ground water. And modern day manholes and centralized sewage treatment plants are no longer considered sustainable in managing wastes of a burgeoning population. With this in mind it is imperative that we initiate and adopt simplified and natural systems that are in a way an alternative to clean waste water and turn it into a resource, sans conventional sewage treatment plants that contribute to CO2 emissions and instead use living plants that simply let biology do the work!


    Panjim has the best garbage management systems in the country and boasts of an efficient door to door collection. Apart from 50 tonnes of solid waste collected from around 25,000 households every day, Panjim city has to tackle the problem of bulk garbage from over 250 hotels and its municipal market. Waste is segregated as wet and dry and all the wet waste is composted in composting stations spread across the city and one large station at Patto. Composting in various parts of the city produce a foul odour during the process of bio-degradation. The compost produced is used mostly for city gardens and some of it is sold in small amounts, hence it doesn't generate much income. Having hardly any economic value the challenge to manage composting becomes a daunting task. However using this waste to generate bio gas has a lot of positives. Biogas can also replace fossil fuels which will be exhausted one day. trash2gas is a project wherein the wet waste generated will be used to generate biogas, which will be used by the community to run community kitchen or lighting for public spaces or community spaces.

    Trailing biodiversity

    Urbanization, migration to cities and modern living has completely disconnected humans particularly youngsters and children from nature and local biodiversity as they increasingly spend more time indoors, study limited by books and outdoor activities again limited to malls and such indoor recreational facilities. Trailing Biodiversity is a series of nature trails conceived to help children connect with the outdoor environment, local biodiversity, understand our connection to these and the need to conserve them. The objectives of the trails are to promote outdoor learning, understand local biodiversity, identify and document local flora and fauna, connect to the natural systems and understand the role they play. Convincing institutional heads and school managements to support learning outdoors remains a challenge!
    For updates and trail reports read this http://missiongreengoa.blogspot.in/2014/08/trailing-biodiversity-global-shapers.html

    Career Speak
    Exploring lesser known paths...

    With the internet age and the world evolving into a global entity, young students on the threshold of choosing their vocation or career paths often find themselves under extreme pressure from parents who aspire that they choose oft sought after careers in medicine and engineering! Career Speak is a back-to-school programme where young entrepreneurs/ professionals, alumnus of the schools, return to talk about their chosen field, success and passion that drives their work and options and opportunities available and waiting to be tapped


    The community of Karmali, Old Goa is currently grappling with dense growth of its settlement, lack of space, unavailability of water, inadequate toilet facility, lack of safety to women & kids, open storm water drains with grey water, health problems, heavy pollution of water bodies, nearby lake and Important Bird Area at threat and lack of supplementary support from local body or others. The objective of the project is to provide a low cost eco friendly toilet with improved sanitation considering all the issues mentioned earlier. Ecoloo Project envisages sanitation modules replete with grey water recycling through root zone systems, responsibility to environment, reduces pollution, individual and community modules for maximizing access to all, very little usage of water, built with low cost but longer lasting materials, and plants used in root zone can be used as food. This project is a collaborative effort between the Mitsuko Trust and the Karmali Village Panchayat.
  • Members

    From diverse backgrounds, creative, driven, enthusiastic, change makers, positively disruptive, whistle-blowers, grass-root persons, net-workers, community binders!

    Tallulah D'Silva

    Founding Curator


    She is a practising architect by profession and an environmentalist and writer by passion. She is well known for her ecologically sensitive approach to building construction, resource conservation and waste management. She is deeply engaged in teaching as a visiting faculty in several colleges and schools. Her ‘nature walks’ and ‘outdoor workshops’ are highly acclaimed for their approach to ‘learning from nature’. Her work with children and young people includes leading the ‘Kids of Tigers’ program and ‘Young Global Shapers’ local chapters. Her own initiative and a collaborative programme, the ‘Travelling Dome’ has a radical approach to learning through travelling, observing and interacting with nature, people and places in a sensitive and empathetic way. She has won numerous accolades for her work and widespread media coverage for her achievements.

    Ishita Godinho


    Works with a grassroots level football-centric NGO in Goa and is responsible for all its community development initiatives. She has been active in the social sector for a decade and is also a trustee of Goa Outreach an NGO that works to educate and empower lesser privileged children and women in Goa. She is passionate about women and child rights and capacity building. She graduated in Business Studies and has a post-graduate diploma in Communication for Development. This course has given her experience in subjects like social psychology, human rights, fund-raising and communication for behavioural change. She has professional work experience in content creation, advocacy, communication strategy and programme development.

    Roshan Raykar


    Started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22. Founded the first animation studio in the North Karnataka region, India. Currently running a proprietary business which is into animation, multimedia and social media content management. His project, School of passion, invites people to turn their creative passion into a profession, where skills currently taught are graphic designing, photoshop, animation. An extended part of his work is my project Fearless India, where he goes to schools, colleges, ladies associations & companies to impart the knowledge of self-defence basics. Volunteers & Govt organizations engaged for larger-scale & impact.

    Ninoschka Pinto

    Impact Officer

    Ninoschka is a multitasker at heart and always has more than one project on her hands at any given time. She has just finished her BEd to pursue her passion for teaching. Ninoschka is an enthusiastic educationist teaching French, Science & English, besides having published research papers on novel educational techniques. An environmentalist, and enthusiastic social worker, Ninoschka is also a proud member of the global shapers team (an initiative of the world economic forum) who works towards the betterment of society. Through all this, she has an old soul and believes that music not only changes our mood but it changes the way we think & our perception of the world. She plays the piano and guitar and can be heard humming a tune for the better part of the day.

    Gabriella D'Cruz

    Curator, 2015-2016

    Has recently completed her Science Degree in Environmental Science from Fergusson College Pune and is currently doing a correspondence course in Environmental Law at the National Law School Bangalore. Won a video contest to attended the environmental conference '' Bright Green Youth" in Sonderborg Denmark (2009). Interned with AIESEC in China as part of their project “ Green Power Now” which involved teaching Chinese students Environmental Science(May 2012) Also delivered a speech about the water Scenario in the Developing World at an event ‘The way we see water’ by Green Drinks Hangzhou. Worked for internationally renowned Photographer Dayanita Singh and journalist Fredrick Noronha on a project documenting libraries and archives of Goa (March 2011). Worked with environmental law firm Goa Foundation and investigative journalism paper The Goan Observer.

    Mrinmayee Thakur

    Curator, 2016-2017


    Currently on her way to pursue a Masters in Energy and Environmental Change from the University of Westminster. Works with Goa Bird Conservation Network to spread awareness about birds and their environment to the public. She used to run heritage tours for Mrugaya Xpeditions showcasing Cave Architecture in Goa. Has been part of Kids for Tigers, a Sanctuary Asia National Program for schools across India, since 2013. Participated as a panellist and member of the working group in Goa Youth Convention on Environment & Development as an offshoot to the Goa Vision Document 2035 held at Goa international Centre, Dona-Paula on July 19-20, 2011. Published several articles in local Newspapers of Goa -Dainik Herald on various aspects of the environment.

    Viola Rodrigues

    Curator, 2017-2018

    Holds an MSc in Physics from the Goa University, has also done a short term course in Creative Writing at Chowgule College and hopes to become a writer someday! Is an avid quizzer having participated in local as well as National Level Quizzes. Has also conducted quizzes and is a member of the Sunday Evening Quiz Club, Panjim Goa. Is an avid birder and has participated in citizen science initiatives and contributed lists to e-bird. Has volunteered in many environmental awareness drives like the Trash Festival in Goa 2013, The Goan Black Spot Fix, etc.


    Varun Gupta

    Curator, 2018-2019

    He is founder of Swavanam LLP works on the intersection of Psychology, Business and Design thinking. He is helping build happier and financially sustainable impact enterprises around the world. He was one of the 40 global shapers at the World Economic Forum Annual Conference at Davos 2019 for his work on emotional health and entrepreneurship. A business coach, educator and a consultant, he brings his experience as an improv-theatre actor, art therapist and a serial entrepreneur, helping leaders bring their ‘whole self’ to work. An engineer by education, he co-founded his first social enterprise at the age of 17 and since then been on several leadership teams.

    Madhulika Kanchi

    An Architect, currently pursuing Master's in Urban Design and Development at Manipal University. She is passionate about Ecology and Conservation. Working with people gives her great joy and she hopes to be a liaison between the community and policymakers to aid in developing the city cohesively. Planting trees during Treelionaire project and building Eco-loos have been the highlight during her time with Global Shapers Panjim Hub.

    Sushila Telgiri

    Completed Masters in Commerce from Goa University and pursuing a PhD in Commerce from Goa University. Currently teaching at S.S. Dempo College of Commerce & Economics, Cujira Goa as an Assistant Professor. Honoured with the prestigious social service award under NSS from the Honourable President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee in the year 2015.

    With Global Shaper Panjim hub she has volunteered for projects like treellionaire & construction of bottle benches. Currently working on a project on Home Kitchen Gardening in the community. She has worked with the Mineral Foundation of Goa under a Solid Waste Management Project. Currently serving as the president of the Rotaract club of Bicholim for the year 2020-21.

    Alisha Pawaskar

    Pharmacist by profession, currently working as Research Associate at Unichem Laboratories Goa. A social worker by choice, she is proud to be a part of Global Shapers Panjim Hub and Rotaract Club of Bicholim. She likes to learn new things and strongly believes there is a lot to learn from every person we meet and every ta​sk we do.

    Tarika Kiran

    Since June 2013, has been working with children and young adults who have deaf, blindness and multiple disabilities. Has worked with various organizations like SETHU, TIES and Spandan focusing on children with special needs. Features in the Limca Book Of Records for the All Women's Cycling Expedition. Is founder Convenor of Save the Planet Club, with her brother. Has been rescuing snakes and wildlife in and around Saligao, for the last 7 years. Is a Creek Freak volunteer, helping to get residents to clean and save the Campal Creek in Panjim. Uses Permaculture and Organic Farming methods to grow some of her own food, fruit and vegetables. Water recycling and conservation at home recycle 100% of all wastewater.

    Mallika Vaznaik

    Mallika is a design researcher with Quicksand Design Studio, a design thinking consultancy specializing in social innovation. She is interested in creative problem solving and innovative approaches to solving social and environmental issues. She has BSc. in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics from the University of Warwick and an MSc. in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Has taught in the nature school of the NGO, the Timbaktu Collective, in rural Andhra Pradesh and has worked on the Sea Turtle conservation project with the Dakshin Foundation.

    Fabian Franco

    Coordinator, Centre for Responsible Tourism

    Has a Masters in Social Work from TISS, Mumbai. Is currently working with the local communities who are involved in tourism-related activities such as Shack Owners, Small and Medium Scale Guesthouses and Taxi Drivers. Networking with other children Organisation working in the field of Child Abuse, Child rights of Goa, Childline and Jan Ugahi. Helped frame the Shack policy 2013 - 2016. Has worked with Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust (SLC / IT) (Leh / Ladakh) 2012. Helped prepare a comprehensive database of land-use changes that were carried out in Goa from 1988 onwards. This was subsequently used when preparing the Regional Plan 2021.

    Raghuvir M Mahale

    Works at Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration
    Currently working towards building Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship in Goa with Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration, Verna-Goa. Working towards building communities in the technology field. Passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, startups and technology. Through YUVA-Signature Campaign for development and preserving the ecosystem of Mala Lake, Fundraising for Chief Minister Relief Fund. Conducted Global Entrepreneurship Week with Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship of IIM-Ahmedabad and Kauffman Foundation in Goa. National Award for best B.Tech Project of the year for Data Acquisition and Analysis through multisensory devices
  • Project videos

    tree2tree, a tree policy  

    Tallulah D'SIlva, Viola Rodrigues, Mrinmayee Thakur


    Mrinmayee Thakur, Viola Rodrigues

    G2H2O, simple modules for treating waste water using living plants!

    Tallulah D'Silva, Mrinmayee Thakur, Viola Rodrigues

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